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Pages: 452

Language: English

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (1 Sept. 2012)

By: Robert Francis Hauck (Author)

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This book is the print version of the 7-Program slide presentation on the new wow math called Geonometry. The mathematics involves only arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on square or rectangular tables that are comprised of whole numbers. It also is limited to the two the basic functions from classical math, namely the modulus and integer functions of whole numbers. These have been redefined to better align with the basic properties of whole number division and remainders. Geonometry does not include numbers that are fractional, imaginary nor not wholly divisible. All tables can be associated with one of six classes each of which has its own unique set of summation properties. The program series presents six applications of Geonometry: 1.The identification of a harmonic pattern in the distance of the planets from the sun relative to the orbit of Jupiter. 2.The discovery of the spatial vibrational membrane pattern that enables nucleotides to assemble themselves into the double helical structure DNA. 3.The membrane description of the distribution, count and orbital paths of all the electrons in the atoms of the noble elements. 4.The clarification of the relationship among the six quarks which make up the six baryons of which the proton and neutron are the only two stable combinations. 5.The discovery of the structure of 4-dimensional space. 6.The description of how perfectly symmetric hexagonal snowflakes form from moisture-laden air. Although the math is simple and the pattern properties are easy to observe, the properties are amazing: 1.Every table has at least one dual table that is different from the original but has all the properties of the original. 2.All six classes have simultaneously-occurring complementary tiling patterns for every given size of square table in 2-dimensions and square and/or rectangular tables in all higher dimensions. 3.All the tables in five these six classes can be decomposed into two dual loom tables which isolate the table's properties and tiling patterns so that they are readily observable. 4.These dual loom tables generate the dual table just by interchanging their roles in the basic generating formula. 5.These loom-tables also generate perfect cubes and hypercubes in higher dimensions. 6.These same loom tables enable the mathematical navigation of a continuous series of perfect dual tables in hyperspace. 7.Hexagonal tables have dual loom-tables which also generate dual hexagons with all the same properties as the original. 8.The hexagonal loom tables contain perfectly symmetric snowflake patterns. 9.The differences between these sets of loom tables demonstrate a never-before seen fundamental cloaking property of natural harmonic vibrations in real space. This program series provides an excellent precursor to Matrix Algebra. It's a transitional link from arithmetic on tables to key operations in Matrix Algebra. The next to last program in the series extrapolates the observations made in the prior programs to arrive at the big picture of the multidimensional universe. It suggests from what was discovered at the sub-dimensional level using the properties observed at the 4-dimensional level, that the rate at which time passes is a property of the dimensional level and not a dimension in and of itself. And consequently light-speed need not be limited to what we have assumed it to be everywhere. The book is unique in that it describes the inherent patterns in color so that they can be readily observed and verified. It is written to be studied by highschool students. Earlier programs 1 thru 3 can be understood by students in grades 9 thru 12. Programs 4 thru 7 require students to be in their senior year of mathematical maturity. These cosmological viewpoints are presented to maintain the student's interest. Discoveries in Geonometry appear to be uncovering the fabric of space itself.

Read online or download a free book: An Introduction To The New Wow Math Geonometry: Uncovering The Fabric Of Space Itself: Volume 1.pdf

Download book - An introduction to the new wow math Geonometry: Uncovering the fabric of space itself: Volume 1 by Robert Francis Hauck : Language - English.pdf

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